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  • EZproxy :is a facility to enable you access UWC subscribed electronic resources and requires no software installation or configuration on your part.
  • Use of many of these resources is governed by license agreements which restrict use to the UWC campus community. Any access codes provided to users to access resources are not for distribution or sharing.  Codes are to be kept confidential and are not to be posted in any public area.  
  • It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that they use these products for individual, noncommercial purposes.
  • Users may not copy, reproduce, distribute, alter, repackage or adapt the licensed products below. or prepare derivative works based upon the licensed products, or otherwise infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of the publishers of the licensed products.
  • Users may not systematically download any portion of any of the licensed products below.
  • Some Internet Service Providers may block their users from using proxy servers. You will need to contact your service provider if you are not able to connect to EZproxy.
  • Some resources are restricted use databases.  So even though you are able to log in via EZproxy you may still be prompted for a username and password. Check the database description text to see whether or not an additional username and password is required.  Contact your Faculty Librarian to obtain additional codes. 
  • If you experience problems with logging on to EZproxy contact the Help desk at (021) 959 2000 or Email. If you experience problems with accessing/opening any of the electronic resources contact the library - Anne Moon Tel (021) 959 3016 or Email or your Faculty Librarian, whose details you will find on Library Website .
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